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Moxe is a technology-driven, service-oriented group helping vendors and health systems navigate the challenges of interoperability.

  • Why

    Our Vision

    We want to fix all of health care. Provider efficiency tools, patient empowerment, remote monitoring, digital therapeutics - we love it all. That's what motivates us to tackle the challenge of information exchange. We want to help anyone addressing a problem area to implement and scale their solution as quickly as possible.

  • What

    Services and Solutions

    We pair expertise in integration strategies and healthcare with a technology infrastructure. Our platform, Substrate, is a secure gateway connecting health care organizations to the world outside their firewall.

  • How


    We work side-by-side with healthcare systems and vendors as partners to help you make the right decisions for integration. We provide process, technology, and people all aligned towards achieving your goals in a streamlined, repeatable manner.

  • Who

    Our Background

    Moxe was founded to meaningfully integrate with existing EHR platforms. Our team has extensive experience integrating new software into the existing infrastructure at a leading EHR vendor and have helped more than 50 health systems design integrated end-to-end workflows. We are passionate about finding new and creative ways to deliver safe, secure, and fully integrated user experiences.

  • Let's
    Build the


With our dedication to our customers, our eye on the future of integration, and our product-centric approach, we tackle data exchange like no one you've ever worked with.


Establishing a foundation for success.

We'll help you design an integration that fits your user workflows and provide any diagrams, tech specs, or implementation plans you need to close the sale with a health system.

Technical Execution

An extension of your team.

With over 30 years experience integrating with leading EHRs, our team is ready to step in and run all aspects of your project.

Post-Implementation Support

Fully managed hosting and support.

Once your integration is live we'll continue to support & maintain the connection as standards evolve and your customers update their systems.


The first step of integration is to understand the available tools. We're here to help.

Product Consulting

We collaborate to design an integration strategy focusing on end user experience and product scalability. During the implementation, we will work directly with your customer to ensure success. Our goal is to create a simple and scalable integration that becomes a pillar of your product.

Integration Consulting

With broad experience and a strong team, we provide integration consultants to support your staff. During a busy implementation they can take stress off of your team members, or add new talent, new ideas, and new enthusiasm to your team on a temporary basis.


Substrate is an integration platform built to abstract away the complexities of data exchange.

Manage Connectivity

Within Substrate you can manage your connectivity. As a web-hosted application, you can manage all of your application deployments in a centralized place.

Host Single Sign-On

Leveraging Substrate allows providers to seamlessly navigate between their EHR and other applications. We can embed applications within a user workflow to give providers a native, streamlined experience.

Normalize Integration

Substrate incorporates tools to centrally maintain data mappings and integration schemas. We're constantly improving our toolkit to make the process easier.

Maintain Business Logic

We host all business logic for our integrations in Substrate. This is where the magic happens; we turn complex, multi-step transactions into single RESTful API calls to simplify your integration experience.

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