We Bring Harmony to Data Integration

Moxe elevates the exchange of clinical information between health systems and health plans, enhancing your risk adjustment efforts and improving communication and collaboration.


Improve Patient Care

Ensure Proper Reimbursement

Enhance Compliance

Remember Aesop’s fable about the elephant and the four sightless men? Touching different parts, they described it as a snake, a rope, a pillar, and even a wall.

Your charts can look like that to health plans. Describing the whole elephant is like your staff laboriously responding to records requests – on deadline, in the right order, using the right channels, free from breaches and with HIPAA staring over their shoulders.

Secure, Seamless, Cost-Effective


We help health systems and health plans share medical records, key patient health insights and timely claims data. We provide solutions for risk adjustment, HEDIS and Star ratings, claims denial management, HCC reconciliation, patient summary, ADT notifications, and care gap management.


We help health systems and health plans collaborate efficiently. Discover the data essential to your success in the market shift to value-based care. And impact your organization where it matters most: quality, value, and compliance.

Connect with your data's value