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With a team of experienced, passionate EHR experts, we are focused on making your data do what data does best: inform, enlighten, and make a difference.


Our Leadership

Dan Wilson, CEO

Years on HIT front lines proved to Dan the crucial need for action: Create more secure, more effective and more efficient exchange among health systems, health plans, and other healthcare vendors.

Mike Arce, VP of Operations

Growing up, Mike’s mom was a healthcare provider, and his dad worked in IT. He oversees Moxe’s engineering, implementation, product management and human resources.

Patrick Gery, Director of Implementation

Moxe’s dedication to complete ownership, transparency, and accountability throughout all implementations is Patrick’s determined mission.

Jen Blagg, Product Manager

Jen works closely with all of our customers and Moxe teams, partnering to define effective solutions, in the near- and long-term.

Mike Kantor, Engineering Lead

Mike guides our innovation, technical design and development of Moxe’s suite of products. He helps make the vision real.


Matt Edwards, Chief Network Development Officer

Methodist Health System (Nebraska)

David Lehr, Chief Information Officer

Anne Arundel Health System

Melissa Owens, SVP of IT Application Engineering

Aurora Health System

Anshul Pande, Chief Technology Officer

Stanford Children's

Jeffrey Thomas, Chief Information Officer

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

Our Investors

Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.

Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE:SFE) provides capital and relevant expertise to fuel the growth of technology-driven businesses in healthcare, financial services and digital media. Safeguard targets companies that are capitalizing on the next wave of enabling technologies with a particular focus on the Internet of Everything, enhanced security and predictive analytics.

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, Inc.

BrightStar is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed to facilitate job creation and increase Wisconsin’s economic activity by deploying donated funds into equity stakes in innovative, early-stage companies. This unique approach will enable new and more capital to be deployed throughout Wisconsin to benefit its rapidly scalable businesses.

Making Your Data Do What Data Does Best.