Taking Security as Seriously as You

Gartner, a prominent research firm, predicts information technology spending for security and risk could account for as much as 30% of a health system’s IT budget within the next five years.

In caring for your patients, we know that you take data security and compliance very seriously. We do as well. At Moxe, we work to make certain that patient health information (PHI) is always safe.

Whenever your data is in Moxe’s hands, we keep it safe using industry-leading standards, including:

  • Encryption of all data, in transit or at rest, using AES-256
  • Intrusion detection provided by Armor™ to monitor all traffic
  • Encryption of all traffic via HTTPS and/or IPSEC VPN tunnel
  • Use of TLS v 1.2 for all communication internal or external to Moxe’s applications

We work with industry-leading partners, adhere to healthcare industry regulations, and achieve requisite certifications to maintain the highest security and compliance standards during the exchange of clinical data throughout your network.


To best serve you and your data harmonization needs, we’ve established compliance with the regulations outlined in HIPAA and audited HIPAA controls in our SOC 2.


Moxe’s applications are hosted on the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). All PHI that we process is stored on encrypted HIPAA-compliant secure servers and encrypted when transmitted.


Before releasing our applications, we load a copy of our programs to Veracode for a source code scan. Veracode reviews all new and existing code, tracking over time, and creates a report outlining any vulnerabilities requiring review or mitigation.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow