Access Data Instantly

Chart retrieval without the hassle.

Moxe’s automated Chart Retrieval service is simple, instantly transferring patient information securely and digitally. Because we integrate fully with the EMR and deliver complete patient records, the clinical data we provide can be used for payment and operations, risk adjustment, and HEDIS. Health systems have used Moxe to send millions of charts, savings hundreds of hours in effort and millions of dollars in paper costs alone.

Our solution is HIPAA-compliant, efficient, and transparent, only accessing the data requested and needed, eliminating any back and fourth communication between health plans and health systems. No more paper, no more lost requests, no more delays.

For Health Plans

We turn a manual operation into a secure, digital process. No more remote login or time spent printing and scanning medical records. The entire record request process is fulfilled automatically, digitally, and securely. Health systems are no longer bogged down by back-and-forth communications to complete requests for information.

For Providers

Our Chart Retrieval solution seamlessly connects hospitals with health plans. As soon as a request for clinical data is received from a health plan, we ensure it is authorized and our technology fulfills the request. Once authorized, we transfer the clinical data in a secure, digital format.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow