Join the data

Access the data essential to your success – make a critical difference in risk adjustment efforts, optimize patient care, and enhance compliance.

Moxe allows health plans to easily receive information from health systems. Health plans can then seamlessly send back data and insights. The exchange of data is facilitated through Moxe’s platforms, Substrate and Convergence. Substrate is an EMR integration platform facilitating real-time exchange of data. Convergence is the framework for embedding externally generated insights into the EMR, within current workflows. Together, these solutions connect health systems and health plans to collaborate on risk adjustment, quality, and care management programs.

Automated Chart Retrieval

Chart Retrieval utilizes Substrate technology to securely and efficiently transfer clinical data.

Care Management

By leveraging the Convergence platform, Moxe integrates with the EMR to provide actionable insights at the point of care.

Risk Adjustment

Our Risk Adjustment solution utilizes the Convergence platform to improve performance in risk-based contracts.

Quality Management

Moxe’s Quality Management solution optimizes the quality of care provided and performance on HEDIS and other quality programs.

Moxe’s neutrality in providing data connectivity lets you realize the full potential of your investments in population health, quality, and analytics solutions.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow