Improve quality

Accessible data improves the quality of care for providers and empowers health plans to improve scores for quality programs.

For an organization participating in any form of risk-bearing or value-based contracts, incomplete documentation leads to missed revenue. Our solution ensures the accuracy of clinical documentation to optimize revenue and HEDIS scores.

For Health Plans

Minimize administrative hassles and improve HEDIS scores with instant, digital, encrypted communication. Suspected gaps in documentation appear at the point of care, where they can be acted on immediately. More gaps are closed, faster.

For Providers

Missing documentation can mean missing revenue and lower quality/HEDIS scores. Closing the gap has typically been a paper-based process, with insurers asking you to complete extra documentation outside the EMR. We eliminate the need for paper and integrate directly into your EMR, extracting only the data needed to streamline your workflow.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow