About Us

We’re Moxe (pronounced like “moxie”), founded in 2011 and born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. From day one we’ve been focused on how to make health care more efficient and connected. So much so that it’s at the core of our mission: To connect the health care ecosystem through the complete exchange of data, easily read by both humans and machines, so precise, actionable information leads everyday decision making.

With the help of some of the nation’s largest carriers, we’ve turned that mission into a reality, testing solutions to create what now is a growing, interactive network that reaches more than 36 million patients, health systems, and health plans.

The Moxe Mindset


We have high standards and appreciate honesty and sincerity.


We are open and accessible in everything we do.


We practice humanity and humility. We serve one another, not our egos.


We mean what we say and say what we mean.


We make a difference by committing to your long-term objectives.


We build long-lasting solutions of the highest quality.

One Team

We win and lose together.


Dan Wilson, CEO

After years of working in health IT, Dan recognized the need to create a more secure and efficient exchange among health systems, health plans, and other health care vendors. The result was Moxe, a seamless way to connect those across the health care ecosystem.

Mike Arce, VP of Product and Operations

Mike works closely with all of our customers and Moxe teams, partnering to define effective solutions, in the near- and long-term. He has an extensive background in health care with various health systems and first-hand knowledge on how complicated it can get.

Tom Willis, VP of Engineering

Tom has over two decades of commercial software engineering experience ranging from startups to industry leaders such as IBM, Dell, and Quest Software. He has worked on over two dozen commercially available software products in a variety of engineering,  product, and leadership roles.

Patrick Gery, Director of Implementation

Patrick leads our implementation team, ensuring a flawless entry into the Moxe network. With a technical background at Epic, Patrick ensures you’re integrated in no time.

Will Peters, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Will is Moxe’s partnership matchmaker, working to identify areas in the health care ecosystem that could use an overhaul and benefit from our technology.


Matt Edwards, Chief Network Development Officer

Methodist Health System (Nebraska)

David Lehr, Chief Information Officer

Anne Arundel Health System

Melissa Owens, SVP of IT Application Engineering

Aurora Health System

Anshul Pande, Chief Technology Officer

Stanford Children's

Jeffrey Thomas, Chief Information Officer

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin




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