Difference Through Data

Better patient data means better patient care.

Having access to patient data can make a big difference when it comes to delivering care. Unfortunately, today’s process is difficult and slow. You’re either working through a portal outside of your workflow, or relying on vendors to send you paper reports.

At Moxe, we’re changing that by aligning health plans with health systems. The result is a seamless exchange of patient data that’s fast, convenient, and completely integrated into the EMR. You tell us what you want, and we work with your health plan, provider, or vendor to deliver it digitally. For example, population health insights can now be displayed within your EMR.

For Health Plans

Arm your provider network with the patient data they need to administer better care. Transfer of information is fast, efficient, and completely within the EMR.

For Providers

Access to information should work the way you’re used to: in the EMR. With Moxe, it does. Get insights directly in your existing workflow, not through outside portals or paper reports.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow