Inform, Enlighten, Make a Difference

If you’re a fan of Star Trek you’re familiar with the “Universal Translator.” Moxe is like that, translating government requirements and health plan information into a common language – all in one place.

Other solutions dodge interoperability or multiply human error, putting the problem off for the future. Moxe solves it. We’re a highly-secure meeting place in the cloud, where the language and needs of all are automatically translated and understood.

Moxe facilitates real-time, bi-directional exchange among health systems, health plans, and healthcare information technology vendors. We have the skills, the know-how, and the stick-to-it-tive-ness to bring your data players into (logical) integration harmony.

Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) reconciliation

Our HCC Reconciliation solution blends data from multiple sources to ensure the capture of HCCs every 12 months, as required by Medicare Advantage. Suspected HCCs are provided within the EHR to stimulate review of patient conditions, and provide regulatory and compliance documentation.

Patient Summary

Patient Summary migrates manual documents provided by health plans to electronic information and makes it available right within your EHR.  Clinicians can review a patient’s clinical history as collected by their health plans – including previous visits and clinical histories from organizations outside of your health system. This allows them to identify patients’ key clinical quality-related metrics and opportunities for improving clinical outcomes and care.

Care Gap Management

Moxe’s solution blends data from multiple sources to identify gaps in care for all diagnosis codes, not just those correlated to Hierarchical Condition Categories. Potential gaps are presented for review and action within the EHR, helping you deliver the best possible care.


ADT Notifications

Moxe helps organizations track patients throughout admission, discharge, and transfer – improving coordination and continuity and preventing unnecessary readmissions. Health plans receive notification no matter when and where members receive care. Through ADT Notifications, you can easily engage with member data, harvest insights, and better allocate resources.