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Disrupt your release of information process

Moxe supports audit and regulatory requirements for health plans and health systems, and enhances data analysis – all with a very small IT footprint. Our solutions target only the appropriate patients, acquiring complete charts (including important information from the notes section) from EHRs. It’s HIPAA-compliant, agile, and transparent.

In addition, you can lower your financial and resource costs and free up your staff’s time by eliminating the administrative hassles tied to traditional chart retrieval processes.

Risk Adjustment

Moxe works with you to provide a custom, rules-based approach to determine release conditions. Charts are requested directly from your EHR without human intervention. Health plans receive only the electronic charts they should have. All your release restrictions and confidentiality indicators in the EHR are respected.

Automated retrieval increases quantity and the quality of charts delivered to health plans: more accurate risk-adjusted premiums, and increased payments under your value-based arrangements. And you can quickly and accurately audit information release to understand where and why release occurred.

HEDIS and Star Quality Programs

Automated chart retrieval for HEDIS and Star delivers only the relevant data already in your EHR. This allows your health system to automate the process of confirming measures previously documented in the EHR.

For HEDIS, Moxe streamlines data collection for reporting on hybrid measures, including comprehensive diabetes care, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, immunizations, weight/BMI assessments, and others.

Data collection for overall Star rating measures is streamlined as well, such as Staying Healthy screening tests and vaccines and for managing chronic conditions. This single solution automates the process of confirming measures already documented.

Claims Denial Management

One in five claims is delayed or denied, often because clinical data is still needed. Moxe’s claims denial management solution identifies claims that have been denied for missing clinical information or required medical necessity. When that happens, relevant supplemental data is pulled from your EHR and automatically sent to the health plan – speeding up payments.