Discover your data’s value

“Measuring up” is important – when it comes to how your health system performs in the area of quality.

Moxe’s solutions allow your health system to seamlessly provide the information needed for quality measures to health plans – while never straying from clinicians’ existing EHR workflows. Minimize the time spent in providing, or duplicating, information for both HEDIS and Star quality programs.

HEDIS and Star Quality Programs

Building upon Moxe’s automated chart retrieval abilities, our HEDIS and Star offering is bolstered by a user-interactive solution which provides a workflow for reconciling and collecting data. Data already documented in the EHR is married with data previously delivered to the health plan, providing answers to these quality measures and identifying any gaps or measures requiring additional information.

For measures with gaps, the measure is presented to the end user within their workflow to document a response to the gap as a status, note, or supplemental information that would fulfill the measure’s requirements. This solution allows you to automate the process of confirming HEDIS and Star measures that have already been documented in the EHR, and eliminates the current-state back-and-forth process of closing HEDIS and Star gaps.