Manage Risk, Not Data

Complete documentation to ensure accurate and optimized risk adjustment.

Moxe helps streamline the risk adjustment process by leveraging the insights generated by health plans and presenting them to providers directly in the EMR. These insights can be used to identify and schedule high risk patients. During the patient visit, insights can then be acted upon and documented, providing you with a more complete picture of patient risk and the documentation you need to succeed in risk-based contracts.

For Health Plans

The seamless distribution of information ensures that complete documentation for member conditions is received as soon as it’s completed by a provider. The simplified process leads to happier providers, more complete documentation for CMS, and accurate revenue for you.

For Providers

Review and accept or reject patient HCC codes at the most important time: during the patient encounter. Once the visit is over, all necessary documentation is automatically sent to the health plan.

Aligning health care for a better tomorrow